Sunday, November 2, 2008

saying bye....

Today is one of the roughest days I can remember......Ive lost my dad. He went to be with the Lord early in the morning on Nov. 1. We had a wonderful,yet teary last two days together. He, my sisters, mom and I were with him till the end, at home, where he wanted to be. Actually I had to bow out at the last hour, I just couldnt do it, couldnt stand to see him go.... when my sis called to say he was gone I told her I couldnt be in the house with him, she understood and said it was ok. I went and took a bath and cried. I couldnt stand not to be with my mom and sisters so I got up my nerve and went back over. They all met me on the porch and we cried together. Then we took chairs in the kitchen, made a pot of coffee, and hung out and talked about dad. I will cherish those raw,real moments forever! Around three am our pastor and friend, Terry and his wife Kathy came over and hung out with us till they came to take dad away. I went back to my house at that time, I just didnt want to see them move him. But an hour later we all went out for breakfast and then went home and slept. Today is Sunday, dads favorite day, he was a pastor, till the end, always teaching, sharing and loving others. It was especially hard for me to go to church today, I really didnt want to go, but mom needed me and I was blessed that I went. So many people loved dad.

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