Wednesday, October 29, 2008

rough night

Last night was kind of a rough night. My dad had another stroke last night, a mild one, we just kept him home and stayed with him, he appears ok this morning, and doesnt remember much from last night. This is just what we have to deal with till its over. Its so hard watching him go thru this. Poor Dustin just went outside and cried. He wasnt in much pain, just very forgetful. He wants to just be at home and not in a hospital bed, he likes his doggies around him, and his family coming and going, he likes to look out the windows and we all want that to be his decision and will do whatever we can to make his life comfortable. I couldnt sleep last night so I am groggy and kinda short fused this morning, better go read my bible and pray about being nice to my kid-the teenage twit! LOL!


Di said...

Ohh ruthie, i am so sorry about your dad. Happy thoughts your way and big hugs.

Ruthie said...

thank you Di. Friends mean everything right now.

Ashley Randolph said...

I cannot imagine what youre going through. I hope I am as strong as you when I have to be in your shoes in the future. Love your blogs by the way :)